About Us

The optical business was started by Angiolino Bovesi in 1945.

In this year, Angiolino Bovesi, after graduating as an Optician, started the Optical business in the photography store opened by his father Cesare in 1914.

In the mid-1960s Ottica Bovesi began using progressive lenses, invented a few months earlier by Essilor, while in the 1970s it began fitting rigid and semi-rigid contact lenses.

At the end of the 1970s his son Paolo joined the company, fresh from his studies and a diploma as an optician from the Arcetri School of Optics at the Florence Observatory of Astrophysics.

The business expands, new technologies for measuring eyesight are introduced, and a new super-technological laboratory for lens assembly is built, where all our glasses are made.

Progressive lenses come out of the pioneering phase, gaining new commercial spaces, and soft contact lenses become the stars of the industry.

From the 1990s optometry becomes the qualifying point of the company’s activity allowing the optimization of vision measurement and the use of new generation progressive lenses.

Today Paolo Bovesi is joined by his son Alessandro, who represents the third generation of opticians in the Bovesi family. Alessandro holds a degree in Optics and specialized by earning a diploma as an Optometrist.

Our 70 years of business have handled 3 generations of clients and today our expertise is dedicated to solving your visual problems.